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Sarkaar Ne Aake, Mera Haal Jo Poocchaa . . .

It is that time of the tenure in the five states of Assam, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, that the polity is curdled, and out come the goodies – material and otherwise – to woo the electorate. This is that time of the tenure when the common man is made to feel like King! And Queen!! The time when, actually, the King comes to your doorstep to enquire if all’s well . . .

Each state has its own way of wooing the voters, just like how it has its own, unique set of problems or issues. The colour of the parties, too, varies from left to right of the whole spectrum – not as extreme as one would imagine, though – as does the ideology of each them. But, yes, each has to deal with some kind of extremism, and then some. Both internal and external.


And, talking of ideology, it does not necessarily differ from just party to party, but like chameleons, it changes from time to time with each party, too. If one fought the right the last time around, it fights the left this time. Ultimately, it is the voting citizen who gets punched from all sides.

Much like the issues. Newer ones, or the same ones like the last time around, but with a twist. Some rival-inflicted, some by the nature. Each issue is seen as something that has been pounded upon with vengeance. Be it by a rogue-rival or by the nature. Or just laxity.

Then there are many mini-games within the big one. One such is the blame-game. None is spared. Even God! Cyclones, floods, etc., can be deemed as act of God. But flyover? Floods in Chennai? Poor God . . .

If an economy can be measured by the issues that hound the rivals, then India would be at the top –many pop up around this season – the poll season, that is – when issues are made out of non-issues, and the real ones forgotten conveniently. Only, corruption is common across the regions and parties.

There are floods, refugees and migrants (not political!), prohibition of liquor, et al that make noise during the rallies. All die a silent death soon after the polls. The parties dole out goodies with the party emblems etched on them, that may not even live till the next election. Migrant natives make it a point to head home to get the goodies – vote or not.

There have been democracies – big and small – worldwide that try to emulate the election story of India – a success story at that. Through a few decades since, the Election Commission of India (ECI) – the body that oversees the whole process – has been consistently getting the thumbs up each time the electorate gets its finger marked. And providing it with the logistical support has been the security forces of the country, which invariably puts its hands up to be counted, whose sleepless nights extend much after the day the counting of votes happen. And many of which don’t get to vote!

Come 19 May 2016, India might have a different colour on its corners!



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Petals of a lotus

I am not a great fan of any of the three – for their professional exploits, that is, largely – but, as famous personalities, each may have carved a niché in the psyche of the public.

Fables galore about Rajani’s off-screen persona – that he being down-to-earth, humble and simple, benevolent at times, so on and so forth. Indeed, he has given superlative performances on screen – different from the moolah his films rake in thanks to the oceanic spread of his fans – like in Pathinaru Vayathinile (1977, Tamil), that I remember to have watched as a child (the film also has another legend Kamal Haasan, besides Sridevi). Over the years, he has grown bigger than his off-screen – at times, even on-screen – persona amongst his fans, and has developed into an affable human being amongst them and the rest.

The Quntico girl also has seen great success, adding to her Miss India (World) and Miss World titles, besides exploring success in overseas waters as an antagonist in Baywatch. She has displayed enormous, present-day professionalism in developing her career over recent years, seemingly emphasising on quality than on quantity.

The khaatoon from Hyderabad also is a deserving recipient of the Award, what with so many other medals and disks that she has won worldwide over the past few years, notwithstanding her feats were with Martina Hingis. She has brought laurels to the nation, after all.


(Picture from on Wednesday 13 April 2016)

But, I have just become the fan of this picture! The Superstar may not give a damn to the present-day professionalism, as he seems beyond that, and, perhaps, years ahead already. Neither would he need a partner to shoulder the huge expectation his each venture generates. Why? It is learnt that he even makes good the loss if his work turns out to be bad.

But the frame captures his simplicity to the hilt, à la The Common Man of R K Laxman. And, yes! You Said It! Here, he looks like him, indeed!!

The girls seem to just pretend posing for the picture, while posing questions to themselves how fame can be prudently handled. They are no less in any way, in their own right, but the senior pro has a lot to be looked up to. They’ve spread fame beyond borders alright, but remaining firmly grounded is how they can reach for the sky. And that’s when fans see them as Superstars!

It’s for anyone’s wonderment how the two may be feeling to flank the man! They’d surely adore the moment as much as the adornment on their chests! They’d also feel like twinkling stars!

And the Prez would be thanking PeeCee for arriving in that beautiful saree – it is learnt she flew from LA shooting for Baywatch!

Isn’t it time to congratulate all of them who won? And isn’t it time, also, to hope for more from them, and others out there, too?

Best wishes, folks!


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