Demise of the art

The pictures, match moments and after moments, of the Brazil versus Germany football semi-final match of the 2014 World Cup, showed how crazy a nation could be of a game. It felt like the fans were mourning. Or was it actually the demise of the so-called artistry in football, done in by precision football the Germans played? Or, is there any place for artistry, at all, in games like football?

Neymar was just another player, who was not there to be counted, after all. It seemed like the 22-year-old took the nation’s, and fans’, hearts rather than the field. Luiz’s absence for the match only added to the equation. But did it, really?

By the way, Luiz was cross-checked from the Internet, as his name is not familiar. Klose and Muller (or is it Mueller?) are the only two scorers for Germany, whose names may be remembered. Klose is “close” to remember, and Muller (or Mueller) is identical to Max Mueller Bhavan in Bangalore! Ronaldo is the namesake of a former Brazilian footballer, Messi is popular, and both of them appear is ads aplenty, specially during the WC Finals. Rooney for all the reasons not football. Suarez for you-know-what. And ad, too. But Sachin? Luminous battery ads don’t appear on American TV channels, neither Russian. And cricket is not popularly played in either of those countries. Then how could Maria Sharapova know or remember the chap’s name. Yes; tennis is not popularly played in India, but when was tennis the reason to know Sharapova? We all know why we know Maria Sharapova. Doesn’t she play some kind of ball?

The opposition had given sleepless nights, and days, to Rahul Gandhi, and he is catching up with some sleep now in Parliament. But these media hawks don’t let him do that. All kudos to the ruling, and his own, party for allowing him to go adrift his seat. And dream. May be.

The same hawks – the media, that is – are blowing out-of-proportion Merkel putting football over Modi (not literally). Why not? Her boys are just a step short of being on top of the world. And why are we so much behind Merkel? It’s football, stupid. Not tennis.

And India is called a cricket-crazy nation! We don’t put cricket before our guests. We watch matches together.


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