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NaMo’s NaSha. And their NaNa. Na… Na…, that is.

After all the frenzy of India elections, the dust will finally settle in a couple of days – on Wednesday 28 May 2014, when NaMo will have taken charge of the PMO, after bidding goodbye to NaSha, after they have shook hands to a new dawn in the region – NaNa.

The buildup for NaSha’s visit matched that of NaMo’s taking the PMO and the runup for that, that began over a year ago. Which itself had all the ingredients of a standard Bollywood masala, RaGa’s elevation as V-P, NaMo’s naming of campaign head and, thus, PM-designate, Advani’s grouse, et al. And this one also matched the earlier franchise (a la Dhoom1, 2, 3, . . .) in chaos, frenzy and wit.

The biggest contributor to all that is the media – specially the electronic media. It looked like that these channels had nothing else to report other than NaSha’s impending decision. It actually drowned a similar frenzy from Tamil Nadu, what with all opposing the invite to the Sri Lankan Prez, and his visit for the event.

What is wonderful is that NaMo’s, and the party’s, saintly silence to all this media mêlée. And rightly so. It should be like that. Macro scenario has to be seen, and given importance to, first, than the micro issues. Specially at this juncture. There will be time and personnel to address all the micro issues of the country and will be duly considered to be taken care of. Having a cordial relationship with neighbours and setting the ball to roll at this point in time speaks volumes of the thought to invite the leaders.

No wonder if the same media sets the agenda for the NaNa bilateral talks. Perhaps, it has only masked the circus that might be going on to wrest plum portfolios by the partymen. And partywoman.

AAP’s story is long written. Gopinath’s exit was expected. Rather not shocking. But Ilmi’s? She seemed to belong there with the Kejriwals, Sisodias, Bhartis, etc. She didn’t seem to be like Medhas, Yogendras, Ashutoshs, who will all come out soon. When is Delhi again going for the polls? And supporters like Balas need not even toil to send in a resignation – they’re wiped out already. Both from AAP and public memory (Bala. Bangalore Central’s AAP candidate in the latest LS polls. He was in Infy. Remember?).

The drama continued with the Gandhis offering to resign, and the partymen rejecting the offer. Why? Ma’am G was also elected CPP head!

It was disgusting to see Abhishek Sighvi and Manish Tiwari continue appearing as spokesmen, when their party’s washout was thought to have flushed them out from TV screens. They’re hoped to start work on rebuilding the party. Behind the scenes, that is.

Wonder what would be IPL’s TRP this year! It’d be worth learning of that, and the advertisers’ opinion on their investment.

The viewer is at the wit’s end, after all this.


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