It’s the God thing, stupid . . .

What’s in a loss? Everything. Or nothing.

India’s at the WT20 2014 finals has given seriously inedible food for the thoughts of the cricket-crazy nation, leaving a bad taste of the memories of the 2003, and later in 2007, World Cup. Only, this time it was the lone crusader Yuvraj who had to bear the brunt of the irate fans.

Irate? But why stone his house?

Yuvraj has to learn from Dhoni – he collected all those stones, for memorabilia, pledging to outnumber them with mementoes, trophies, cups – and he succeeded. And he has bikes, for good measure. And he has Zoya, too.

It wasn’t a meek surrender, though. Only a little mind block. Read the newspapers reports of the India-Australia match of the same tournament. Or read “”. The nation is adept at eulogizing and booing the same person at a close interval.

Remember 2003? The team that took all those stones on itself with a saintly calm, waded its way to the dream final against Australia, only to lose by 125 runs – and no one complained. The tournament happened in, of all the places, in SA!

After a “dream” run, losing to Sri Lanka in a T20 final, was unacceptable. What a contrast!

Wonder what would have happened had it been against Pakistan!

Poor Hafeez had to resign, though he did not assign any reason for the WT20 2014 ouster, the reason is evident. No. It’s not for losing to India. It’s for losing the way.

Why can’t the fans, and administrators because of the fans, take victories and losses in equal measure? Why can’t a few leaves from Sammy’s book be borrowed to learn a few things of cricket? Of winning and losing? Of life?

After his team’s loss to SL in the same tournament, he had this to say: “I took it like ‘you know what, we have won a World Cup’. We are a praying team, we know God normally answers our prayers but today, I guess two gentlemen who have played for Sri Lanka, given a lot not only to Sri Lanka cricket but cricket on the whole, I guess the Almighty wants them to leave on a high, so I guess they have one more game to try and win a World Cup and leave on a high. Probably that’s the reason why God put a hand in this match. I am sure I will have another shot at playing the T20 World Cup and we are looking forward to winning it again in the near future.”. What an acknowledgement. Acknowledgement of dream. Of humility. Of better opponents. Of cricket being just a game. Of determination. And, of course, of God.

By the way, Zoya is the dog MSD brought home from Bangalore. Ha . . .


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