Jago Re, Jago Re, Jago Re, Jago . . .

Pity Gopi, Bala, et al, who made a beeline after AAP swept Delhi. Now they feel hit by the wrong side of the broom. Sisodia and Ashutosh wanted change – now they’re in the other side of the media camera. For now. Bedi has already distanced herself, but only if she could put brakes on her motormouth.

Corporate honchos, technocrats, bureaucrats, mediamen – misguided intellect?

One such motormouth now has foot in it – Vishwas – after tickling the religious and racist sentiments. Being in the company of Delhi’s newest rulers, he should’ve withheld his remarks about religion and the Kerala nurses – it will hurt his own party. He didn’t seem to be a threat to anyone, in the first place; now he has put himself under his rivals’ feet. Someone said he’s a poet, too.

But, who’s that that is suggesting things to AAP? Bharti’s raids, dharna, free water, subsidized electricity – all popularist, none practical. The party is not showing the way, but has been paving a way to its own grave. There was debate on TV what AK would do with Bharti – if he would be retained, sacked or asked to go on leave. The best is the third option – ask him to go on leave, paid leave at that, and suggest him to visit Uganda.

What do the so called “intellectual” aam aadmis think of holding the city hosting the Republic Day celebrations to ransom? If AK is not bothered about his security, he should think about others’. IM may be squirming about the lost opportunity of kidnapping him.

Poor Nirupam – he’s put himself in an awkward position – that to fast, a la Anna – to get subsidized electricity to Mumbai. AAP’s initiatives have become pain in the wrong place to other states like Maharashtra. And politicians like Nirupam, while thinking they just hit a masterstroke, are yet to realize where it’s paining while they sit on dharna.

Just heard – AAP’s online donations are dwindling.

Juhi was replaced by Parineeti. Now Shinde will replace Parineeti. With a twist, that is. Yeda hai. Par mer hai.

Duckworth and Lewis will be laughing at Indians’ plight at the end of the second ODI in NZ – for having lost the game despite scoring more than NZ! Cricket must be the only game with such weird rules.

Rafa and Fedex’s match in the neighbouring country should bring cheer to sports enthusiasts, only that it’s the semifinal.

What would’ve happened had the tournament been played in India when the mercury hovered around 45C?

The Jago Re, Jago Re, Jago Re, Jago ad for a tea brand must have a new ambassador – NaMo.

There’s a proposal to shift Tipu’s armoury in Karnataka to make way for railways’ line doubling – let historical monuments be preserved, what if it’s Tipu’s? History is history. With Kharge being the incumbent Railways Minister, BJP should fight for the cause, of preserving the monument, in history’s name – the fight would be genuine, and beneficial.


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