What a Friday it is!

RaGa was all over the place. TV, that is. And #AICCMeet was evidence enough that the Congress has just phrased its epitaph, and RaGa’s able followers are scrambling to find a suitable stone.

It is notable that only his partymen have praised – gone overboard, rather – his speech – some pointing on the coverage, some the tone, some the style. For them, there was nothing amiss.

All wasn’t gas, though – they’ve just added three more cylinders to the quota!

But, for all his supposed re-ignition efforts for a rejuvenated approach for the 2014 LS polls, there were his own partymen pulling the rug from under his feet – Aiyar chiding NaMo with his, unrepentant-on-TV, chaiwala comment.

Well, Aiyar was thought to be one of those, very few, good men, intellectuals, to have been in the wrong party. His comments show either he has been corrupted because of the party he is in, or he is in the right party.

He doesn’t have to bother – he has company – Tiwari and Singhvi. He has to bother because he is not unique!

RaGa seems to have forgotten to send a few more partymen to dig the grave. Anyway, AICC’s Delhi office may be big enough to keep the tombstone.

Talking of RaGa, he pointed out that it’s not the party’s tradition to name the PM before the poll. But, shouldn’t someone tell him that democracy itself doesn’t exist in his own party?

Has the Rs.500 crore deal been signed? Wonder who wrote his speech! Did anyone notice if it was a pizza-wiped tissue paper he was reading from?

The difference is very apparent. And appalling! Kejriwal might have realized the importance of a solid family backup and background to run a state, even as small as Delhi. At least, a solid name. Surname, that is. Poor fellow had thought a lawyer makes for a good Law Minister. Remember Munna Bhai’s “health minister”?

And it didn’t start with Binny. Neither will it end with Delhi Police. The CM has taken his colleagues to the big home minister Shinde. He might be thinking of outsourcing the Delhi state’s administration to the Centre.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s newspaper. Yeah – only newspapers give crispy news. Will Pranabda be feeling similarly?

The Aussies aren’t done yet – they’re all over the Poms, all over again. Looks like the cook isn’t feeding his mates well. There isn’t any place left in them to paint any more white. Go, grab a grub. Cricket will happen anyway.

Gulzar might be feeling lonely today. A storm may be brewing up there with Sanjiv, Suchitra, RD, Kishore readapting his story and rededicating the lyrics. Can’t there be Aandhi 2, 3, . . .?


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