2014 Poll-IT merge for a new polity?

With Nilekani candidly disclosing his intentions to contest the Lok Sabha elections, following his former colleague at Infy Bala, who recently joined AAP, it looks like IT has put its arm over Indian polity’s shoulder. Looks “straight”? For that matter, there was Gopi landing in AAP’s lap recently. AAP looks lips lapping it all up.

Wonder why these “intelligent” politicians get it wrong! Congress’ bid to revamp and revive RaGa’s image, spending Rs.500 crore, is a confirmation, and its admission itself, of the leader’s waning charisma. Announcing it makes for immature beginning to the exercise! Or is it the brand managers’ smart moves that won them a jackpot? Rs.500 crore in 3-4 months! Or is it 3-4 months plus 5 years?

Congress isn’t stopping with that. It’s thinking of Priyanka now – isn’t it a wee bit late? There wasn’t any doubt about her appeal vis-à-vis RaGa’s – only, her appeal has to be backed up by the party with work worthy of showing.

With all that said, will the grandpas and uncles and aunts (one grandma has just announce retirement, and there aren’t many others) in the party let the kids wield the wand? Specially, with the mother in the sidelines due to more than one reason. Looks like this time the party will take a break. Rs.500 crore will go down the drain. Whose money is it, anyway?

Bedi has just shown her love towards BJP. Has she ever had a firm standing? Or was she leaning towards “right”? Wonder who’d follow! Patle wale daayen taraf. Mote wale baayen taraf. Fit waale mere peeche . . . Will an army follow? Former Army Chief?

By the way, how’s the sky coloured in Ralegaon Siddhi, now-a-days?


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