The claps’ accent

The Aussies have won 5-0, and in recent memory, this has been the greatest series, and Ashes of course – to come from behind, having been mauled ruthlessly by the same opponent, in cricket and outside it, too. There wasn’t much outside cricket, this time, though, on display – but the cricket provided for all that it encompasses. The sport, and the spirit of it. The Aussie spirit, particularly.

England lost the series when Trott left mid-way after the first test, before the Aussies regained the Ashes at the end of the third. Swann joined the feeble chorus that Trott intended to send out, that drowned by the Aussie supporters’ hurray and the Barmy Army’s prayers. Stuart’s broad bat didn’t help his team much, after the reckoned batters faltered, as did his bowling lacked sting. The sting could have been that motormouth, both on and off field, that might have sprouted the new-found zing in the Oz camp. And didn’t they fail to tame the Lyon? He was out not even once in the series!

Nevertheless, the applause had a global accent.


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