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Maniac medley

The Aussies have finally won the Ashes – they yearned for the urn, and earned it, after all. Wasn’t it a commendable performance? What with what was shown in England a few months ago? It was, indeed – and not just from a handful, but from everyone. A true team display.

Wonder what happened to the aggression the English put on show in their backyard while hosting the last series! And ever wondered what these whites would’ve commented about the craters had they been on Indian wickets?

Wonder why these seemingly intelligent, intellectual, thinking personalities – specially from the Indian polity – act stupid! First it was Modi, who’s  venturing into building a statue for India’s unity. And it isn’t coming easy anyway – besides contributing, some running also had to be done. Now we see AAP, through SMSs, seeking a reconfirmation of people’s choice. Or is it a second-opinion it’s calling for? Does desperation for power show in AAP’s face? It did. Will anyone know SMSs were sent only from the Delhi electorate?

The diplomatic engagements, specially when there’s an escalation in a “friendly” country, seem so incomprehensible, what with the arrest of an Indian diplomat is answered by a spate of “unfriendly” actions here to the US diplomats. Why can’t we be upright first up than scrambling for composure when we are hit?



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The bAAP of ballot

If AAP sits in the opposition in Delhi, it may get stronger, as we wouldn’t get to see of its true colours had it been ruling.

It, more or less, looks like AAP will, indeed, sit in the opposition, what with its unwillingness to either give or take support to / from Congress or BJP. It is likely to only grow stronger being in the opposition, showcasing the deeds and misdeeds of the incumbent government during its reign as the main opposition party.

While doing so, it will gain more support, and in popularity, thus benefiting for the future elections, not just in Delhi.

In fact, it gaining enough seats to be the main opposition, rather than being routed, or leading the race, has positioned itself as a masterstroke that came as a providence.

Does the rout of Congress mark an imminent death of its aura, or the weakening of the hold of the Gandhi household? The latter looks more certain than the first, and a clearer picture of it should emerge after the result of the 2014 general elections.

Shivraj Chouhan’s victory in two constituencies will lead to a by-election to the constituency which he vacates – which will entail in (additional) cost. Who is responsible for this? Why should the tax payer bear this cost for no fault of his, rather for the one candidate’s who might not be confident of winning in one constituency? Will there be a law which makes THAT candidate accountable for the cost, and makes him, and not his party, pay for the same?

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