Sunday Brouhaha

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are in India – wonder if they browse through newspapers here, and read about NaMo, RaGa, Super Bungalow, illegalized-CBI and its ripple-effects like Raja and Sajjan Kumar, Chess World Championship, Sachin, CHOGM, etc.

They will be certainly lovers of cricket, being from the birthplace of the game, and their own team reigning leaders in ICC test rankings. But to see the farewell the nation has accorded to Sachin – whose fans they might as well be, too – might have been flabbergasting to them. They had their own sporting heroes, also in cricket, some of whom they have knighted, too, but whose retirement events have been silent and business-like. This one might look like a joke to them. One hundred and ninety nine kilos of rose petals that would have made India’s best cricket stadium seem like a filthy dumping yard might feel delighted to have missed the date.

Ever wonder what the royal couple would also take back with them as memories, besides the Akshardham, Taj Mahal, etc.? Thank God, kids back home aren’t small to hear stories from India!

There would be so many guests visiting our country – political and diplomatic travellers, hobbyists and lobbyists, etc., who browse through our newspapers, news channels on TV – who may be carrying with them stories of triumph (26/11 is approaching, and “triumph” now may be debatable after the “mole” surfacing), celebration and intrigue.

Magnus Carlsen, fellow-Norwegians, and other chess aficionados worldwide, who would be currently following World Championship of Chess that is being played in Chennai, might be wondering if that was a former World Chess Champion, or top-ranking official of FIDE, who’s adorning the corner, yet a prominent space, of the banner announcing the tournament. And she had “graciously” consented to inaugurate the event on Friday 08 Nov 2013. Thank God, she consented to have the event happen in Chennai, and, also thank God, Norwegians, other chess aficionados worldwide, and Indians outside the state whose capital Chennai is, do not know what “Puratchi Talaivi” means, lest we would have seemed like big buffoons. Ever saw such a banner or a poster anywhere else in the world, at any such global, non-political event, with a picture of the president, prime minister, senator, governor? Wonder if any of them would have even inaugurated the event elsewhere in the world!

At least, the event may be celebrated to bring the game back to its birthplace. Speaking of chess, Anand’s endeavour for physical fitness should complement his intellect, where age doesn’t matter to compete – Carlsen is half Anand’s age. And being fit, nevertheless, speaks of its importance. Whether it’s a physically-intensive sport or a mental game. Even for non-sports. Also, as important is to be a sport.

Talking of CBI, which was relegated to be “illegal” by the Gauhati High Court, wonder weekend-days also will be hectic to diplomats. Forget politicians – they are the busiest creatures in India. The Attorney-General Vahanavati rushing to the Chief Justice’s house to bring a stay to the HC judgement, the CJ “sitting” on a “bench” along with his other colleague to put a stay – all this leads to imagine pictures of the events unfolding – people rushing through crowded streets, with files in their hands, assistants in toe; when other Delhiites may be partying or readying for their weekend blast.

See Gauhati? It’s Guwahati, officially, like how it’s Mumbai and Chennai. But the High Courts there are Bombay and Madras HCs, respectively, like how it’s in “Gauhati”.

The Prime Minister giving CHOGM in Sri Lanka a miss talks much about the political undertone rather than his “busy” schedule – playing safe with the Tamil politicians’ psyche, what with the elections looming.

Naxals’ threat to the elections in Chattisgarh is a slap on our faces, as we still live in stone-age while tackling the maoist-menace, when we are steps away from Mars. Actually, if the red planet is colonised, the reds would be the apt inhabitants there. Send them there, and let peace be here. And green.

Suddenly, the Saudis have realized that labour is expensive, after the exodus of Indian immigrants. We also should learn to be not so cheap – every labour has to have skill. Skill doesn’t come cheap.



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