India potpourri

A hundred things happening, over a short period of time, all at once – so flattered to follow none seriously. Each was either stupid, nonsensical, disturbing, or pain in the wrong place. None amusing. Bar one.

Sardar’s statue. Sachin. Suicides. Nigerians. And Mars.

Looks like Modi got it all wrong, after all the hype – a positive one, at that – that he managed to generate over the last few weeks. After the anointment, all that he touched turned gold – his campaign meetings, the crowd, the blasts – all worked for him. Advani, too, added spice to the hype by mentioning him in a supposed-endorsement of his anointment. The present-day loh purush also joined the PM-in-waiting while announcing a monument to the original loh purush, the real Sardar – Vallabh Bhai Patel. Earmarking Rs.2500 crore to the supposedly tallest, mightiest statue of the freedom-struggle stalwart, presuming that will add to the vibe, is a massive misstep the leader has taken – wonder why the media forgot to compare Modi with Mayavati! The Sardar will certainly weigh up to a hundred elephants, alright. But a statue like that will be nothing short of the elephantine project Mayavati had undertaken during her reign. People’s money is damningly abused.

The biggest joke of all came from the jittery Congress, demanding “covering” of lotus ponds, in view of the approaching polls! Wonder what do we do with all the “palms” or “hands”, brooms, cycles, lanterns, and such other things! May be, the party saw a chance to make some quick bucks to cover its poll expenses by buying 120 crore pairs of gloves to cover the citizens’ hands. The Election Commission had ordered covering statues of elephants during the UP elections – did the Congress forget to demand “covering” elephants? It’s actually its gesture to Mayavati, before allowing her use “super” bungalow in Delhi, at a prime, premier locality, at that!

Wonder what will NOTA do in elections in India!

Well, the debate is still on about the pre-poll survey, opinion polls.

Sachin mania has gripped the nation, and everyone has gone overboard in “celebrating” his retirement. He himself is understood to have been not amused by the Bengal cricket association’s promotion of the event. First of all, the series itself was planned for him, at his behest, including the final one to be held at his home city. Has any other former great demanded a farewell series? Ponting? Lara? Or our own Dravid, Ganguly, Laxman, etc? And TENdulkar responded with a TEN in the first innings.

Suicides have become like the weather report – they are reported daily, as they happen daily. Wonder what today’s generation is made of! A 14-year old kills herself because a “Facebook friend” “ditched” her! A student commits suicide because of academic performance. Financial issues lead families to wipe themselves off all at once. People were not so weak-minded a few years ago.

The Nigerians’ issue in Goa has been blown out of proportion – seeing on TV the way the supposed-Nigerian citizens protesting (one menacingly moving around with a stick in hand) killing of one of their own seems like they think they are in Lagos or Abuja, not anywhere in India. And the Nigerian envoy’s posture in one of his interactions with Indian media calls for diplomatic etiquette.

Prof. U R Rao, former Chairman, ISRO, soon after the successful launch of the Mars Orbiter Mission, mentioned about the opposition from a section of “intellectuals” for the mission, spending Rs.450 crore on it, while there was silence all over, over burning over Rs.5000 crore in just one day bursting crackers. Ever wondered the effort that has gone into conceiving and launching the mission, and the effort that is required to complete the mission? The technological excellence of the scientist-fraternity is overwhelming, yet the community itself is humble. Mars did leave a few red-faced!

There isn’t anything happening making tomorrow’s newspaper worth waiting for. News channels were once like entertainment channels; of late, they have become big bores like never-ending soap operas.



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