Impress Immensely

It is well known that a picture speaks better than words – it tells a story, actually. A hundred, rather.


This one ( actually inspires and motivates also – to fight the evils – evils that hound different people in different forms, and to emerge victors against the menaces. Yuvraj and Manisha have both won hearts (and broken as many, too!) from their professional engagements in the past, and how; and have now won a battle. The war that they’re now waging is to evict the evil from the society – to educate the mortals of the perils of cancer.

All was forgotten as soon as the world learnt what was ailing the prince – his demeanours and misdemeanours, on and off the field, his successes and failures, controversies of his and his kin, six sixers, 1000 wickets and 20000 runs (remember his father?) – he suddenly became the darling child of everyone – not just connoisseurs of cricket, but people from all walks of life – film personalities, doctors, Lance Armstrong (no one cares to remember him now, though – ask Yuvraj?), et al. Wishes poured from all over, allying with the medical treatment that he received to cure him of the evil. It is good to see him on the field again, wielding the willow, turning to be a menace himself to the bowlers! What a turnaround!

Manisha’s is different, in the way the professional front was seen prior to learning of the ailment – a not-so-successful, yet a more glamourous time before the camera, a shaky marriage – more than comprehensible and manageable for a woman – have not won her many hearts other than for she being Manisha Koirala. Nevertheless, she proved to be an able fighter like Yuvraj, and emerged cured. Considering the magnitude of the disease, it is no less than a second life to both of them.

Best wishes to them, hoping to get entertained by their professional endeavours in the time to come!

Perhaps, a thought has to go to those who are not so lucky, not so blessed to not have the peril detected at an earlier stage, and to not afford an appropriate treatment to fight the menace. Perhaps, Yuvrajs and Manishas will also engage themselves in that direction, besides spreading awareness about the disease.


One need not be a connoisseur of any art form, any music, not least the Hindustani classical style, to comprehend this one of Gangubai Hanagal and Bismillah Khan ( – just swell the heart to fit in the feeling, singing paeans of emotion.



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