A piece apiece

2014 isn’t far away – not when looked through the electorate’s eyes, in India. And the signs are already peeping their necks out – with communal riots in UP.

UP is a crucial state for political parties vying victory with a chunk of parliamentary seats at play. And underdeveloped since formation, due to the lack of political will. All with the sole objective – political one-upmanship.

Considering all the problems of the world, it may be seen that politics, polity, political parties and politicians play a vital role in fomenting trouble, and it may also be clearly seen that if that element is removed from the equation, there wouldn’t have been or wouldn’t be any problem!

So much so that politics has encroached other fields of the society spoiling the apolitical space of the world. Trade unions affiliated to political parties, politicians heading bodies, like linguistic, religious, sports, cinema, etc., which spaces are alien to them, the so-called NGOs, which later have converted to political parties – there are innumerable instances where the citizens were made to look helpless.

All of them, the parties, the politicians – all of them, will divide the nation on various lines – caste, religion, language, ecological resources, etc., and will own a piece apiece of the vast country. And, again, the citizens will be made to look like fools.

The media was thought to be a great leveler in such scenarios, but it also has turned to be an opportunistic business, what with each of the channels vying to grab eye-balls of the nation. Unfortunately, like in the other instance, the citizens were made to look helpless and gullible. Breaking news has broken the hapless spine of the viewers, mocking them with investigative, policing stories, bringing “first-in-this-channel” crap to the drawing rooms. What’s worse – they even go to the extent of “describing” or visually recreating a sexual assault. They have all forgotten that with power comes responsibility – they want one, while disowning the other.

The media also is becoming like a politician – and both of them make for good made-for-each-other partner to each other – using the other one for one’s advantage, and dumping the same bedfellow again on another occasion, for another advantage.

And enjoying a piece apiece of the nation.


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