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Cola ko khola

Pity Pepsi!

What a year was it for the cola major to associate with India’s big-ticket money spinning event – Indian Premier League!

Money-spinning – hitherto it was, or so it seemed, for the league itself, or the BCCI. Legally. But it also turned out to be a huge money-spinner otherwise, too. And for so many bookies and their associates, as it is now know; and may be for so many others like the players, besides their legal remuneration, and, who knows, for some officials, too.

But the one who has lost, and lost huge, is Pepsi, the prime sponsor – the title sponsor, of the event. And it lost not just money, but also a considerable amount of goodwill, for no fault of its. The only fault, if it thinks so, is its decision to associate with the Board, manned by those who know no cricket. And lost have so many others – not money, but interest for the game and respect for the players.

It’s not just the can of worms or skeletons in the cupboard that crept or tumbled out, but Sree and co just uncorked filth on India – filth of filthy money, associated by those who don’t love just cricket, but also those who don’t love the country.

And look where it has come to.

Pop the cork. And out comes the mom of cricket scams.

Sree ne cola ko khola.


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