The Story of 3 Sri(ee)s. And then there’s the fourth

S Sreesanth has been in the limelight all along his career, for all the wrong reason – there may be just a handful of instances where he is remembered for genuine cricketing reasons. Symonds, Nels, etc., will vouch for his character on the cricket field, which fades his other talent, however much he possesses. It is not just about Sree, but the way cricket, or any other such sport, or event where there are opportunities to wager – and it’s not about legality of otherwise of such gambling, it’s the character which corrupts the whole affair. Wagering happens in India, too, and legally at that – like horse racing. But, the problem lies when a jockey is corrupt, or made corrupt by bribing him, just like how the trio was. It just doesn’t spoil the cricketing game, but also the wagering game.


N Srinivasan has shown to all of us how power and money may be used to stay afloat in position of influence, despite odds being against him. His arrogance, his defiant stand has been the hallmark of his image in the past few days. His son-in-law has been disowned by the franchise, the Board, by the company. Poor Guru – doesn’t he feel orphaned now? Why, these powerful people may disown everything and everyone, too – disown the company, disown the franchise, the board, the daughter, and the wife, too, if need be. His son, it’s understood, doesn’t go with this family, showing the one-upmanship the rest of the family has displayed at home. It is a sorry state of affairs that we cannot kick him out of his office.


Srikanth Srinivasan – first South Asian as Circuit Court Judge in the US – what an honour to just read about him, and the accolades that even Obama has poured over him on his appointment. Agreed, he was educated in the US, but the pedigree is Indian. And, why, aren’t there thousands of others who are educated there, but of Indian origin, yet who haven’t reached such professional levels? This Sri’s case goes to show how a clear dream about the road to tread can be realized, by clearer perseverance, effort and dedication.


Then there’s is Srinivasan Jain, who is lovingly known as Vasu, and his colleagues in NDTV call him so, too. Why isn’t he more on air of late? He is carrying on the pedigree of Prannoy Roy, so different from the other media persons. No wonder why Modi boycotted the show in Times Now, and why such instances don’t occur in other media-houses.



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