Why vie? For the pie.

Today, we are in a world that is shrinking to its core, making reaching out to another unimaginably easy – what with the evolution of communication technology, specifically, IT in general.

Add to that, the globalisation, or localisation, of trade and commerce, has made businesses come to our doorsteps, each vying with the other to gain market space. And so, we have WalMarts, VWs, BMWs, Samsungs, Nokias, etc., at our homes, and Infosyses, Wipros, TCSs, etc., servicing global clients.

Having said that, it seems India has exponentially grown, or developed, in the last over two decades, with global brands landing on our soil, and our professionals globe-trotting, largely because of their intellect. But, the reality is far from rosy, as it seems, rather, the pastures are greener elsewhere, in fact.

India is growing, not developing, into a back-office hotspot, with engineering graduates, by the lakhs, getting churned out year after year, with no specific focus or orientation towards intellectual development, directing towards R&D. Having an excellent communicative skill in English language has made us more of a call centre and BPO attraction, rather than an R&D hub. Smaller, lesser nations and economies are getting ahead of us.

We have our own industrial houses like the Tatas, Bajajs, Mundals, Mittals, etc., who are vying with the German giants like the BMWs and VWs, Americans like the Fords and GMs, Japanese like the Hondas, Suzukis, etc., British like the Vodafones, et al. We had partnered with a few for some time in the past, some continue in the alliance, yet, we have no love lost for our own products. And, rightly so, too – we have not brought out superior products and services, despite being together with proven, successful global giants – an opportunity to learn newer ways to bring out better things. Yes, we do have JLRs and Corus, among similarly others, in our bags, which should make us proud, too.

Or, does that show we are good with business acumen, rather than intellect?

Now with the ability to reach out to the world with just a click of a button, can’t we also go global, just like how we have localised global brands? And what does that require? Acumen? Or, intellect?

IITs, IIITs, IIMs, etc., are producing world-class students, who are capable of bringing newer, fresher thoughts to business, or R&D. But are they contributing to India’s development? Or is India providing them with a conducive environment to research, put their thoughts and ideas to shape?

It is a sorry state – either way. An unapologetically unconducive state or nation, pathetically apathetic state or condition. Rightly, brain drains here, intellectuals becoming dumb, leading to the proverbial “brain drain”.

So, what are we vying for? Luxury and imported brands, because we have expendable money from being support experts to global institutions?

Or are we vying at all? Vying are global corporations, for the pie here. A classic case of not having the cake, but eating others’.

The nation has taken baby steps revamp the primary and higher education system, which should result in higher standards in the academia, which in turn should promote higher standards of professional programs.

Growth is needed. But development is more important.

Let us grow. Let us develop. Let us vie. For the pie. Others’ pie.



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  1. Awesome write-up! 😀

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