Strive to thrive

The other day, a daily carried a photograph of a physically challenged boy writing his SSLC (10th Standard) Board examination with his foot! The caption went unread, but the picture explained the feeling in a thousand words!

Tenth standard examination is a vital point in one’s academic career – it directs you to where you deserve to go, depending on how you have fared in it. What with paper leak-marred exams everywhere, including in CA exams, the 10th Board exams in the state had been uneventful, despite rumour-mongers having had a field day during the course! The PU Board exams didn’t escape the wrath this year, too, though!

The picture just didn’t escape notice, as it was found to be utterly motivating! The student from a lesser-virtue economic standing, or so it seemed from the picture, didn’t look like giving up! It is understood that visually-challenged students writing the exam are put in a separate room, who are helped by junior students as scribes – the room would look like a mass-KBC set, with the juniors whispering options for multiple-choice questions! And how many students, blessed with all the physical abilities, does one see, who just don’t buck up, vis-a-vis the ones who don’t just give up!

These pictures and thoughts don’t just up the morale of only students, but, if one can read the perseverance of these folks, inspiration can be drawn from all, across economic and career strata, without doubt. Alright, these students are blessed with lesser physical abilities, but are blessed with a stronger virtue – WILL. To strive to thrive.

Go on, boy! Win the world – you have just shown you can!


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