Different hues of colour

Wonder why political parties don’t let Pakistan cricket team play in India, or its player represent clubs in the IPL, when umpires and ex-cricketers form part of the mega annual cricketing event here in India. We have Rauf and Daar, the latter very respected one at that, in the panel of umpires officiating matches across locations, including Mumbai, and Mushtaq and Waqar coaching teams. Rameez Raja is part of the front-ending the event through Extra Innings and the commenting team. Even, a former cricketer, Azhar Mahmood, plays for the Punjab team. Then why not the Pak team? Are we being hypocrites?


OK. Shiv Sena criticized US for the Azam Khan impasse! Wonder what’s happening!


While we shoot barbs, what’s stopping us from acting? At least, we should have shot barbs when Musharaff claimed he spent a night across LOC, on the Indian side, that is, before the Kargil war. Are we still dumbstruck from his media coup while he was “officially” in India? Generals are expected to lead from the front, as he proudly stated that he did, while we didn’t display gumption to even respond.


Our polity is weak from busy politicians filling their own coffers until the time they’re in power. Wonder whom to cast vote for, even as groups – both government and private, social groups – are spreading awareness to vote. There is no choice when either a corrupt or a criminal is in the fray.


Now that Sarabjit breathed his last in Pakistan, politicians fell head over heals to garner limelight – Rahul Gandhi was thanking himself for being in the vicinity to show sympathy personally; the Congressmen thronged all over to make peace with the Sardars after the Sajjan Kumar verdict, who are facing the wrath of the Sardars; the government announced  a Rs.25 lakh compensation – they’re doing everything to win back hearts. What a farce!


Raina played a brilliant innings in the match against the Punjabis – will he be fit and as fine while playing for the nation? Why Chennai? The whole of India will give him a standing ovation at all the times that he performs “well”. Well, only, thank God if his nephew doesn’t lie hands on his Twitter account!



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