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Basanti, Rang De, please!

Watching Rang De Basanti, for the nth time, perhaps. It still feels new, maybe because of the renewed continuation of the same old vices of our country. Only, that fight earned freedom, not independence though, but, this one leads nowhere. Or is there a fight, in the first place? Or what is there, if anything is there, is it a fight at all? In fact, the canvas is blurred now, and there don’t seem to be any real activists – those there are there are only people are filling their own coffers.

Even today MIGs fall, pilots die – why just pilots, common people die; and it’s not just about MIGs, but there is coal, telecom, CWG, mines, and hundred other things. One Anna was born amidst great uprising, and he was sidelined by more “powerful”, pursuing own agenda.

And, are we shielding ourselves from all of this with the IPL – a master entertainer, no doubt, but hasn’t it failed the true fan? Hasn’t the true spirit of the game been compromised? Aren’t players feigning injuries when they’re expected to represent India, but seem to be in shipshape representing their franchisees? Will Rang De Basanti help at all?

Will it help the fairer sex in India? It seems like we’re now in Jalianwala Bag, our own Simons firing at us – we can’t drive them out. However many Bhagat Singhs, Bismils are there don’t seem to help.

See the joke about the Mathematics question paper of this year’s 2nd PU examination? Some students may feel lucky to have earned nine grace marks, but there may be a good number who have really strived to excel, who, because of this farce, may feel deprived of being at a much higher level, than what they would ultimately find themselves at.

Can we change? Can Basanti Rang De sakti hai?


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